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I haven't been posting here in quite a while. Work! Busy! New baby on the way (how are those for excuses?) !

I have been posting links and general things I'm liking over on Twitter, so let's say for now, we're on a brief extended hiatus here at and until further notice you can Find me on Twitter at @dmdlikes

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Internet Week New York Commercial

Commercial for our new project at IADAS: Internet Week New York (cooler embed vid coming soon)
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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Solution for Too Much Email

This is a great little Internet blip. Over at his newish blog Mahmoud Ahmadinejan President of the Islamic Republic of Iran uses a post titled to read or to write to explain that the reason he hasn't been posting much is because he receives so much email from his posts, he has to allocate most of his blogging time to reading all the correspondence from his blog. My favorite part of the post is his apparent solution to his popularity problem:

Also some of my trusted students have shortened the long messages for me ‎and have prepared a statistical report regarding all of the messages which I have read ‎and studied those too. God willing, a portion of the overall analysis of the messages ‎and its interesting results will be posted on the blog in the future.‎

But evidently his faith in statistical reporting isn't that great, as he ends the post with:

I would like to use this opportunity and ask those of you who intend to send ‎me messages through blog, to make it as brief as you can. Thank you.

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Much Better Than This

Screen Snap of Rafael Rozendaal's "Much Better Than This"

Last week at our Webby Night in London put on by our good friends at Poke London, I was fortunate to meet Rafael Rozendaal, an Internet artist whose work I've admired for a while. The screenshot above is of Much Better Than This. The piece is a thousand times more sophisticated and ethereal that this snap conveys, so click through for the full experience.

Visit for more of his work.

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The Spike Toaster

Many of you will know that I have a certain fetish for hotdogs. In fact, thanks to thoughtful birthday present from Nate I am even the proud owner of a Hot Dog Diggity Dogger.

hot dog diggity dogger and the spike toaster
(left) Spike Toaster / (right) Hot Dog Diggity Dogger

But last night I encountered the holy grail of hotdog - the spike toaster - at Dogmatic, a portable gourmet hot dog stand which spends most of its time across from Magnolia at the Bleeker Street playground. What you do see is you plunge your baguette directly over the spike which creates the perfectly toasted pocket for the hotdog.

When I first saw that Dogmatic was using a baguette for bread I was skeptical. (Usually it is the sign of a bad hotdog, frankly), but it turned out to be amazing.

But at nearly $1000, it'll probably be some time before the spike toaster sits next the diggity dogger on my counter.

More HotDog Readings:

(Analog?) Locative Love Art

pics of mimi love sign
Human Sandwich Board Sign, On Street, Lower East Side, NYC

I love that the stencil says MIM even though he calls her Mimi

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UN Watches Ahmadinejad's Speech

pics in the UN
Outside UN cafeteria

The media room emptied here at the UN just a bit ago, as everyone headed outside the cafeteria one floor up and gathered around a small TV with closed caption to watch CNN's live coverage of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia University.

Google News has the roundup on the speech

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"Tipping Point" for climate change

pics in the UN
(left) In UN Press Conference Room #1 / (right) at Achim Steiner Press Briefing

I just attended a briefing with Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the UN Environmental Program. Mr. Steiner was impressive as he negotiated thorny questions about the US's perceived indifference to this UN session. (In fact, President Bush has scheduled what some call a competitive if not subversive meeting: Meeting of Major Economies on Energy Security and Climate Change)

But one of comments that struck me was Mr. Steiner's claim that "climate change has reached a tipping point; it is no longer the sole preoccupation of scientists." Mr. Steiner argued that Climate Change is now seen as a major challenge by everyone - and that this meeting with more than 160+ countries participating was a symbol of that evolution.

Indeed, the energy here is extremely positive, with literally dozens of heads of state from Sarkozy to President Wade of Senegal standing up and encouraging the world to tackle the problem. But in the end one gets the sense that they are all here to encourage a few distinct countries - China, the US and India to wholeheartedly commit to this process.

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Live from United Nations

Very excited to report that I am here at the UN today for the UN Special Session on Climate Change credentialed as Press. For the past few weeks we've (IADAS & Webbys) have been working with the UN Foundation in a consulting capacity on something I think is pretty historic: leading online bloggers are, for the first time, covering a major United Nations meeting here today at the UN in NYC. And we've assembled a fantastic group of climage change focused bloggers:

They are :

Brian Beutler,; Jasmin Chua, UN Dispatch; Blake Hounshell, Foreign Policy; Joel Johnson, BoingBoing Gadgets; Ezra Klein,; Sameer Lalwani, The Washington Note; Juliana Rotich, Global Voices Online; Kate Sheppard, Stop Global Warming; Kay Steiger, Campus; and Matthew Yglesias,

You can read more about it via the UN Foundation's Press Release on Blogger day

More to come... Update: UN Dispatch Live from the UN has all the reports centralized on their site.
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