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pict of dmd and boys

Author: David-Michel Davies
Age/Height: 29 30 31 32 33 34/Tall
Fiancé Wife: Stella Lee
Whereabouts: Paris New York City
Before: San Francisco Paris
Venus Sign: Pisces
Children: Someday
Nephews: Pictured With
Fav. Magazine: The New Yorker

*Note about that long weird name: It's French. I'm half-French. It's a wonderful name in French, I promise. People who call me by my full name get extra credit points. I like DMD too -- so please call me that for short instead of David.

site stuff

  1. This is my (David-Michel Davies) personal web site.
  2. Give me good email via dmd (at) davidmichel.com
  3. Some of images on this site were taken with a Canon Digital Powershot that Stella gave me for my birthday. The rest were taken with Stella's Canon (Analog) EOS Rebel (a very nice camera, by the way). Some low-res Treo images sometimes make it here too.

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  5. For now, Copyright David-Michel Davies, 2008 ; All Rights Reserved. I'll come up with something less restrictive and more in the spirit of information freedom soon enough. Please be patient.

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Heartfelt Appreciation: Mom, Stella, Mamy and Papy, Richard, Marc and Lenore, Zach, Owen and Sam, 4114 friends around the world, Pesco/Sparks, Famille Gales/Bellahsen, Neil, Rodger, Maya, Team Webby and IADAS.